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Exosomes are the new hot rage!

While Exosomes are a new concept in Esthetics and Medicine, they were actually identified in the mid 1980’s. It just took years of advancing technology to fully understand their actual function.

But how do you know which Exosomes are the best? Well that's what Exosomes For Pros is here for, to let you know the newest, latest and BEST Exosomes on the market!

Please feel free to share your experiences, products and feedback so we can sha with the world.

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Channel Pro -XO

by Channel Pro

The Channel Pro XO Exosome product, have a verified very High Concentration of Appropriate, High Quality Proteins

Channel Pro XO uses only true method for identifying an Exosome, by Luminescent Nano-Particle Tracking Analysis. This method causes the lipid bi-layer membrane to Illuminate or glow, and allows for an accurate count.

The Channel Pro XO Exosomes come from a Stem Cell product specifically developed for clinical Trials, which means that it will always be 100% the same product, every time you use it. That cannot necessarily be said about the other products



by Kimera Labs

A leading exosome biotechnology laboratory specializing in the production of perinatal mesenchymal stem cell-derived (MSC) exosome products for cosmetic use and scientific and clinical research.


Channel Pro X-Skin

by Channel Pro

A very similar product to Channel Pro XO, this lyophilized product has a kicker of ginseng for added skin rejuvenation.


MencoPharm 2Xsome Skin Booster

by MencoPharm

2XSome is Maypharm’s premium Exosome skin booster, formulated to provide the anti-inflammatory, regenerative and skin barrier boosting benefits of Exosomes naturally found in the human body.

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EXOXE Exosome

by Regenbogen

The Exoxe Exosome Skin Booster contains exosomes derived from stem cells, which are carefully formulated to enhance skin health and appearance.

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What do they say?

woman taking selfie photo
woman taking selfie photo

Channel Pro XO

I've used Channel Pro XO and I loved it!

- Anna Jenkins

smiling woman in shallow focus photography
smiling woman in shallow focus photography

Amazed by great results!

I'm amazed at my results from using Exosome for hair, Channel Pro X hair.

- Danny Lores

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